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Have you ever dealt with someone who was really difficult? It was more than a personality difference. They were inconsistent. Maybe they overcomplicated things. They might even blindside, change or withhold information with no obvious cause. What if you could see these people coming before engaging in relationships with them? This session shares key behaviors unproductive or manipulative people commonly have. Then, we will learn strategies for dealing with these people or avoiding them in the first place.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify general and specific toxic or manipulative behavior patterns.
  2. Recognize deception cues, minimizing language and blame shifting language.
  3. Learn practical strategies to reveal someone's true nature and avoid or escape their toxicity.
  4. Identifying behavior patterns that hurt productivity
  5. Tips on what to do if you're dealing with this type of person
  6. Its important to see and protect yourself and your career.



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Houston, Texas

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