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In the ever-evolving energy industry, individuals are increasingly drawn towards the agility and innovation offered by startup environments. This panel will feature seasoned professionals who have successfully made the leap from traditional corporate roles to thriving within the dynamic and fast-paced world of startups. Panelists will share their personal journeys, shedding light on the challenges, opportunities, and transformative experiences encountered during their career transitions.

Key topics to be addressed include strategic considerations for career pivots, skillset adaptation, risk management, and the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset. The panelists will provide valuable insights into the cultural nuances of startup environments, discussing how adaptability, resilience, and a proactive approach contribute to professional growth in this ecosystem.

Participants will gain practical advice on leveraging their existing skills, building new competencies, and fostering a network that facilitates a smooth transition into the startup landscape.


  • Caroline Avery (Engineering Manager at Mars Materials)

    Caroline Avery

    Engineering Manager at Mars Materials


    Caroline Avery is the Engineering Manager at Mars Materials, where she supports the engineering team towards commercialization of carbon-negative acrylonitrile. Caroline has her background in Chemical Engineering and Engineering Management, and worked over 4 years in the downstream oil and gas industry as a process engineer and later fuels economist for ExxonMobil. She was excited to make the jump to start up work where she could make an impact on an innovative technology aimed at decarbonizing a petrochemical-derived product.

    Caroline has a Masters in Engineering Management and a Chemical Engineering degree from Washington University, St Louis.

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  • Hallie Fowler (Director of Prototyping Lab at Greentown Labs)

    Hallie Fowler

    Director of Prototyping Lab at Greentown Labs


    Hallie Fowler is the Director of the Prototyping Lab at Greentown Labs Houston, where she collaborates with the organization to secure essential lab resources for startup success. She maintains and manages the incubation space, ensuring startups have what they need to thrive. Her core duties involve overseeing the prototyping lab spaces, providing member resources, and serving as Greentown Houston’s Safety Officer to manage safety programs and policies. Before her role at Greentown Labs, she gained valuable experience as a Geologist at Core Laboratories. Hallie is passionate about leveraging her expertise to help Greentown startups drive innovation and sustainability in the climatetech industry.

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  • Lynn Frostman, Ph.D. (Vice President – Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility at Syzygy Plasmonics)

    Lynn Frostman, Ph.D.

    Vice President – Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility at Syzygy Plasmonics


    Dr. Lynn Frostman is VP of Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility at Syzygy Plasmonics, where she is developing and implementing Syzygy’s strategy on safety, sustainability, diversity equity & inclusion, organizational development, community engagement, and corporate governance. She previously served as Syzygy’s VP of Engineering, leading the team developing novel photocatalytic reactors that will electrify the manufacturing of chemicals, fuels, and fertilizers, thereby reducing both cost and emissions. Prior to joining Syzygy, she spent 23 years in the oilfield services industry, including a variety of technical, strategic marketing, and operational roles at Baker Hughes and Newpark Fluids Systems. She holds both B.S. & Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering. Lynn currently serves as Chair of the External Advisory Board for the Chemical Engineering & Materials Science Department at the University of Minnesota, a member of the Michigan State University Engineering Alumni Board, and a member of the Pearland Innovation Hub Advisory Board.

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