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In 2023, 88% of CEOs either completed or had in progress the development of a vision for how AI will change their business. This statistic highlights the significant impact that AI is expected to have across all sectors, with the energy industry being one of the most crucial.

The upcoming Lunch and Learn session titled "AI & Energy" will explore the practical applications of artificial intelligence in various energy sectors. The presentation will feature real-world examples of AI implementation and discuss how these technologies are improving efficiency, sustainability, and innovation. In addition to examining the potential of AI in the energy sector, the presentation will also offer guidance on upskilling and preparing for the AI-driven future.


  • Sabina Azizli (AI Manager at Honeywell)

    Sabina Azizli

    AI Manager at Honeywell

    Sabina is an accomplished analytics product management leader with a strong technical background in the energy industry. She began her career as an engineer before transitioning into innovative technologies such as AI and machine learning.

    Over the course of her career, Sabina has worked at several Fortune 500 companies, leading numerous analytical projects from inception to launch and driving strong user adoption. She is adept at developing data-driven solutions, managing high-performance teams, and executing product strategies that align with business objectives to drive growth.
    Sabina has a particular passion for leveraging AI and advanced analytics to optimize operations and create a more sustainable future. Her work has earned her many accolades, including the Royal Academy of Engineering award.
    With her unique blend of technical expertise, product management acumen, and industry experience, Sabina brings valuable insights to any discussion on how data and AI can be harnessed to solve complex business challenges and promote innovation. She is excited to share her knowledge and learn from others.

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