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WEN Houston and its >2,000 members would not be able to do what we do without the support from the incredible women that make up the Board of Directors and supporting Chair and Volunteer Roles.

We are looking for next year's candidates and would love for you or someone you know to become more involved by joining one of our teams!

Please see descriptions of the open positions for 2024 and follow the link below to APPLY (for yourself) or NOMINATE a fellow WENH Member you feel would fit into 1 or more of these roles. See detailed descriptions below to see which positions are right for you.

2024 WEN Houston Board & Chair Application & Nomination Form

Note: most of our volunteer positions are "Co" meaning you are always paired with an experienced Board or Committee Member to support you.

Board Positions

*all board positions are a minimum of a 2-year commitment and required attendance at the monthly board meetings held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 11:30am-1pm CST virtually


(3-year commitment, with one year as President-Elect, one year as President, and one year as Past-President)

The WENH President drives the strategy for the organization during their tenure. They spend their first year as President-Elect leading our Partnership Efforts followed by their official Presidency where they lead Board Meetings, stay closely connect to WEN Global and drive broader WENH initiatives for the year. They then act as a consultant during their final year as Past-President.

Treasurer (2-year commitment)

Responsible for maintaining the finances for WEN Houston. The Treasurer reports out monthly on expenses and revenue and oversees all transactions made to ensure funds are allocated to the appropriate entities. Ideally this person has experience professionally in a financial role such as CPA or other.

Marketing Co-Director (2-year commitment)

Responsible for the overall marketing and communications strategy for WEN Houston. Oversees the team that designs and produces collateral for all forms of Social Media and outreach both internal and external to WENH. This role also helps WENH promote our offerings and identify what members want so we can cater to the needs of our membership base. Experience in digital and print marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing are a plus but not required.

Membership Co-Director (2-year commitment)

Owns the Membership experience for Individual, Corporate and Executive Members. This team strategizes new ways to stay better connected to our members along with owning the onboarding experience of new members.

Sponsorship Co-Director (2-year commitment)

Responsible for Sponsorship outreach to meet our annual Sponsorship goals and beyond. This role works to maintain and expand our existing relationships with Sponsors as well as build new ones. Having the ability to attend lots of WENH events and network regularly is an added bonus.

Community Initiatives Co-Director (2-year commitment)

Responsible for the strategy and implementation of WENH philanthropic initiatives. This includes (but is not limited to) the Sponsorship drive for YWE (Young Women Energized) Scholarships through the WEN Foundation, planning and hosting our annual YWE Event, and recognizing the YWE Scholarship winners at our annual awards ceremony.

Educational Programming Co-Director (2-year commitment)

Responsible for planning and overseeing all WENH luncheons for the year. This team sources informative and dynamic speakers and works closely with our event coordinators to execute their vision. Thinking outside of the box and understanding what our members are looking for is critical in this role for creating inviting programming that our members want to attend.

Membership Programming Co-Director (2-year commitment)

Responsible for general programming events for our members including socials and workshop style events. The sky is the limit for this team and every year looks a little different. Experience with event planning is a great plus in this role but not required.

Mentorship Programming Co-Director (2-year commitment)

This role is responsible for the strategy and execution of the Mentorship Program which runs on an annual school timeline from August to May. They oversee the content creation, workshop planning and overall mentorship program experience for our members.

Chair Positions

Executive Events Co-Chair (min 1-year commitment)

Responsible for planning and execution of all Executive Events for the year. We have ~100 Executive Members and this role stays closely connected with this community to customize their experience based on regular feedback loops. Some events include Breakfasts focused on market outlooks, evening socials like a Champagne tasting, and an Executive Retreat.

Mentorship Programming Co-Chair (min 1-year commitment)

This role directly supports the Mentorship Programming Co-Directors and helps to coordinate the program logistics and content creation for the year. Some of these responsibilities include initial outreach to members to promote signing up, organizing the circles, planning the program kick-off and workshops and following up with members at the end of the program to make improvements for the next year.

Speakers Co-Chair (min 1-year commitment)

This role directly supports the Educational Programming Co-Directors and helps to source speakers for our luncheons. They help schedule prep sessions and maintain the relationship and driving a positive experience for both the speakers and our members.

YWE Co-Chair (min 1-year commitment)

This role directly supports the Community Initiatives Co-Directions and helps plan the YWE Event in the Fall. Some of these responsibilities include sourcing a venue, driving outreach to attendees, sponsors and volunteers and ideating on the overall contend and programming of the event.