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It's that time of year! Where we look back and recognize all of the incredible work we've all done as an organization! And we have done a lot!

But we'd love to hear from you on WHO made a difference in your experience this year. The nominations to recognize our amazing volunteers are officially open!

Please submit your nominations by November 18th! We'll be recognizing our volunteers at the beginning of 2024 at a special event that all of our members are invited to attend!

Follow the link below to nominate someone you know!

2023 WEN Houston Chapter Volunteer Award Nomination Form

See descriptions below for each award.

WEN Volunteer of the Year Award

This person has gone above and beyond in their role as a WEN Volunteer. Maybe you saw them attend every event and always greet you with a warm smile, or maybe they were in the background taking care of logistics and just getting stuff done! Either way, nominate who you think deserves this award and why.

WEN Rising Star Award

This award is typically given to a newer member who dove in headfirst as a WEN Volunteer, no questions asked. Do you know a recent member who is deserving of their recognition? Nominate them for this award.

WEN Chair of the Year Award

We have so many teams and they are all led by incredible women, but this Chair is a rockstar! Maybe you sit on this team and want to recognize the leadership you've seen or maybe you are on the Board and could have not have been as successful as you were without this Chair's support. Nominate this rockstar lady!

Chairs that can be nominated include:

  • Executive Events Co-Chairs: Sara DeJay Willis and Kristy Manteris
  • Partnership Chair: Christy Wilder
  • Volunteer Chair: Carla Pierson-Hart
  • New Membership Chair: Toya Campbell
  • Membership Outreach Chair: Katherine Culbert
  • Executive Membership Co-Chairs: Jana Ames and Lilian Wee
  • Corporate Membership Chair: Colleen McKnight
  • Scholarship Programming Chair: Debbie White
  • Marketing Co-Chairs: Sara Roberts and Lina Rice
  • Special Events Co-Chairs: Melodie Puente, Lisa Donnelly, Mahalia Doughty and Emily Bolian
  • Mentoring Program Chair: Kean Bliss and Suzanna Hernandez
  • Speakers Chair: Caitlin McNeilly

WEN Committee of The Year Award

This award goes not just to a single person, but an entire team! This team has outdone themselves and exceeded all expectations. Some of our teams are more visible than others so try not to forget about the ones that operate in the background and really make the gears of WEN turn.

Committees that can be nominated include:

  • Community Initiatives
  • Educational Programming
  • Executive Events
  • Marketing
  • Membership
  • Membership Programming
  • Mentoring Program
  • Partnerships
  • Sponsorships