2024 Board of Directors Nomination

Women's Energy Network

The Women's Energy Network (WEN) is an international organization of professional men and women who work across the energy value chain. Our mission is to develop programs to provide networking opportunities and foster career and leadership development of our members who work in the energy industries.

WEN's vision is to be the premier global organization that educates, attracts, retains, and develops professionals working across the energy value chain. WEN offers educational, networking and leadership opportunities to almost 5,000 men and women nationwide through luncheons, conferences, community initiatives, socials and mentoring programs.

The Greater Oklahoma chapter (WENOK) was launched in October 2015 and serves the entire state of Oklahoma with over 1,000 members. We remain focused on our key objectives to ensure we are creating valuable opportunities for our members and sponsors. This includes relevant and engaging programming and networking events, impactful mentoring circles and opportunities to engage with our communities through STEM education and other events empowering men and women.

Benefits of WEN OK Board and Chair Positions

The WENOK leadership team meets monthly and is responsible for achieving the WEN mission across the state of Oklahoma. It is made up of board members and chairs who work in the energy value chain and are passionate about challenging themselves while actively promoting diversity in the industry.

Serving as a WENOK Board member or Chair provides our leaders with an opportunity to:

  • have access to and receive mentoring from senior energy leaders who serve on the Advisory Council or in other or past leadership positions.
  • stretch themselves while co-board members provide support and mentoring in practice.
  • apply leadership skills learned in a corporate training class when an opportunity to put those new skills into action may not exist.
  • develop valued personal and professional relationships across the network and community.

Board of Directors Positions

  • President Elect (3 year term)
  • Secretary (2 year term)
  • Programming Director - OKC / TULSA (2 year term)
  • Community Initiatives Director - OKC / TULSA (2 year term)
  • Marketing Director - OKC (2 year term)
  • Executive Membership Director (2 year term)

Nominations Close September 4, 2023

Board of Directors Positions


Estimated time commitment: <15-20 hours per month

Job Summary
The candidate must possess all qualifications associated with a candidate for President. She must demonstrate organizational leadership experience. The candidate must be able to think strategically, aligned with guiding principles to lead the WEN OK organization. President-Elect will hold a three year term succeeding to President and Immediate Past president in the two subsequent terms. She will assist the President, chair the Nominating Committee, and assist with other committees or events as designated or able.
The President Elect will also lead development and cultivation of corporate sponsorship and corporate membership relationships with partner organizations.
The President-Elect collaborates with the President to learn the role of the President, to become familiar with the programs of the organization and its governance, and to develop and facilitate officer transition. The President-Elect assists and supports the President as needed and plans for the Presidential year.

Responsibilities - key responsibilities for this position include:
โ— Chair the Nominating Committee, as specified in the bylaws and facilitate the annual nomination process
โ— Participate in WEN National Presidents’ Meetings and Conference Calls
โ— Communicate with WEN National as needed to conduct WEN Business
โ— Responsible for developing, managing and executing annual corporate sponsorship program
โ— Active partner relationship engagement with corporate sponsors and corporate members
โ— Develop and maintain effective and innovative sponsorship/partnership concepts, materials, presentations,
โ— Conduct follow-ups with business contacts to gather input/feedback and identify opportunities where WEN of Greater OK can supplement existing development programs
โ— Interface with sponsors, partners, speakers and other supporters during events throughout the year

Key Deliverables - includes but is not limited to:
โ— Assist with Board Meeting Agenda development
โ— Assist with content development for annual report to be provided to WEN National
โ— Effective transition of incoming board members in October
โ— Plan with President a BOD retreat / transition meeting
โ— Maintain prospect and contact data, electronic files and hard copy documentation, in addition to generating accurate forecasting, income and BOD reports throughout the year

Standard Price Complimentary

Estimated time commitment: <5-10 hours per month

Job Summary
The Secretary shall be responsible for creating and archiving records of WEN board meetings, E-vote proposals and votes, the monthly reports submitted by Board members, and the master calendar of events. The Secretary shall be responsible for arranging the annual business meeting, and communicating with the membership about any special membership meetings, luncheons and other WEN of Greater Oklahoma events including, but not limited to: collecting reservations from the membership, providing an RSVP to the meeting facility, providing the President-Elect and Treasurer with a reservation list, presiding over check-in, and providing name tags. Secretary is responsible for general correspondence from the Greater Oklahoma email account, delegating emails to respective BOD member or Committee Chair as applicable. The Secretary shall be the custodian of all WEN's minutes and all other non-financial documents and property. The Secretary shall track all motions and assist with the Advisory Council meetings as needed. She shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the annual business meeting, any special membership meetings and all Board meetings, including a record of all proposals and votes cast. The Secretary’s duties may be delegated to a contractor engaged by WEN of Greater Oklahoma; however, the Secretary shall be responsible for oversight of any contractor to whom such duties are delegated. This role is a 2 year commitment.

Responsibilities - key responsibilities for this position include:
โ— Composition and distribution of records, including meeting agendas and meeting minutes
โ— Maintenance of master calendar of events and accurate record of meeting proceedings, including record of all votes
โ— Management and correspondence of general email account

Key Deliverables - includes but is not limited to:
โ— Condenses monthly BOD and committee reports into meeting agenda topics
โ— Sends out meeting agendas; post meeting: sends out meeting minutes for review
โ— Meeting invitations to monthly Board meetings, annual membership meeting, etc.
โ— Send out of all email communications to general membership and in coordination of recruitment of prospective members; respond to inquiries to the mailbox

Standard Price Complimentary
Programming Director - OKC / TULSA

Estimated time commitment: <10-15 hours per month

Job Summary
The Program Director supports program development in line with WEN's short, mid and long term strategies. The Director plays a key role in program assessment, design and evaluation, and daily operations of scheduled events for WEN. The Program Director will be the primary board liaison for WEN programs, overseeing recruitment of educational speakers, networking events, mentoring content, and potential contractors. This role is a 2 year commitment and includes a co-director and a number of chairs to assist with programs and events.

Responsibilities - key responsibilities for this position include:
โ— Designs strategic program content for the year and create program calendar
โ— Designs and executes Greater OK’s annual conference and gala
โ— Works with Chairs to create program event plans
โ— Assists and participates in the Program Committee checkpoints
โ— Assist Chairs on finding and retaining speakers
โ— Primary liaison with the BOD and National Chapter on Greater OK programs
โ— Reports on progress across Mentor Program, Education Programs, Networking Programs, and conference events
โ— Assists Marketing Director to provide regular communications to the membership every quarter on progress
โ— Assists Marketing Director to create and advertise event registrations
โ— Surveys the membership on program successes and opportunities
โ— Escalates program issues to the BOD
โ— Assists the Sponsorship Director with retaining sponsors for each event

Key Deliverables - includes but is not limited to:
โ— Annual Program Calendar
โ— Execute Program Plans
โ— Quarterly Membership Communications
โ— Membership Surveys
โ— Progress Reports & Issues

Standard Price Complimentary
Community Initiatives Director - OKC / TULSA

Estimated time commitment: <10 hours per month

Job Summary
The Community Initiatives Director is responsible for working towards achieving long-lasting, meaningful community impact in Oklahoma. This position will focus on community impact areas and initiatives set forth by the Board of Directors and based on the community needs. This position will establish strategic partnerships with organizations that align with the WEN mission and strategic priorities and develop events/initiatives that will help to encourage girls to pursue STEM related careers through hands on STEM related activities and opportunities in the community and support the development of women in STEM related careers. This role is a 2 year commitment and includes a number of chairs to assist with programs and events.

Responsibilities - key responsibilities for this position include:
โ— Establishing and managing relationships with other organizations in the community and serving as the liaison between them and the committees, volunteers, and BOD
โ— Developing and directing events which allow the organization and membership to give back to the community
โ— Encouraging membership involvement in STEM education and activities
โ— Assisting in the development of leadership programs and technical education for future leaders in the industry
โ— Developing and directing charitable fundraisers in support of diversity and access to careers in the energy industry
โ— Providing guidance to the Chair(s) and Committee(s) to stay aligned with Board of Director expectations
โ— Informing the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis status of partnerships, events, community impact
โ— Participating as an active Board member as stipulated in the bylaws

Key Deliverables - includes but is not limited to:
โ— Identifying community initiatives chair for OKC or Tulsa
โ— Establishing community initiatives committees
โ— Establishing STEM-focused events in the community
โ— Establishing partnerships in support of STEM and diversity

Standard Price Complimentary
Marketing Director - OKC

Estimated time commitment: <10 hours per month

Job Summary
Oversees all marketing, communications and public relations activities of the organization, guides direction of organization through branding, including all external messaging, marketing and member communications, and provides support to all other functions of the organization. Responsible for building a team with the necessary skills and lead them to deliver expected results. This role is a 2 year commitment and includes a number of chairs to assist with content development and communication.

Responsibilities - key responsibilities for this position include:
โ— Develop overall marketing plans, objectives and priorities for WEN of Greater OK and oversee budget
โ— Coordinate the writing, editing and design of all communications including outreach materials, newsletters, social media posts, and other printed materials promoting the chapter.
โ— Collaborate with all functions on marketing content.
โ— Acquisition of marketing collateral, as appropriate to support chapter branding.
โ— Coordinate preparation of organizational communications such as, brochures, fliers, banners, posters, etc.
โ— Oversee management of news releases pertaining to all newsworthy activities.
โ— Participate in relationship development activities to outside organizations/businesses and allied associations.
โ— Coordinate maintenance and updates of the Greater Oklahoma chapter’s area of the website.
โ— Coordinate the capture and posting of photos and videos of chapter events.
โ— Acts as ambassador for the chapter and national organization.

Key Deliverables - includes but is not limited to:
โ— Strategic Marketing plan for the year
โ— Annual budget estimates, based upon scheduled program and event activities in addition to general WEN of Greater Oklahoma marketing needs
โ— Bi-annual newsletter distribution
โ— Event promotion materials, as required to support the organization’s program and events
โ— Promotional materials, including but not limited to, published news stories, press releases, articles, trade show needs, etc.

Standard Price Complimentary
Executive Membership Director

Estimated time commitment: <10-15 hours per month

Job Summary
The Executive Membership position helps develop and oversee the executive membership goals of WEN of Greater Oklahoma. She must demonstrate organizational leadership experience and strong communication skills. The candidate must be able to think strategically, aligned with guiding principles and values while being willing to help plan, direct and implement executive membership activities. This role is a 2 year commitment.

Responsibilities - key responsibilities for this position include:
โ— Shall perform all duties as required by the WEN of Greater Oklahoma bylaws
โ— Cultivate relationships with existing executive members and potential executive members
โ— Communicate regularly with executive members
โ— Promote WEN of Greater Oklahoma

Key Deliverables - includes but is not limited to:
โ— Help develop executive membership plan
โ— Work with existing executive members
โ— Review and process executive membership applications
โ— Discuss and submit executive member nominees for approval by the Board of Directors

Experience – the ideal candidate will have experience in the following areas:
โ— 2+ years leadership experience
โ— Public speaking
โ— Strong organizational skills
โ— Able to communicate with all levels
โ— Problem-solving/critical thinking

Standard Price Complimentary